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This EE System in Denison, TX has CLOSED!

Please refer to for alternate locations near you.

Thank you!

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You must become a member to have access to the EE System and our additional services offered.  There is a $10 Yearly membership fee due at the time of your first session.  

(You may cancel at any time)


Cosmic Awareness Healing Center is an EES (Energy Enhancement System).    We provide EE System, Rife as well as Reiki services that support and foster your best health.  The EE System generates multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields including Scalar Waves.  Scalar Waves provide a setting for healing and regeneration.  Our clients love what this technology has been able to accomplish for their difficult to treat conditions.  


Scalar waves have always been on the Earth since the beginning of time.  Nikola Telsa (the father of Scalar Waves) believed that if we could learn how to contain the power of scalar energy, we would have boundless energy and limitless possibilities.


  • Boost nutrient uptake

  • Trigger cellular detoxification

  • Increase Mental clarity

  • Promote heightened states of creativity and awareness

  • Promote healing and regeneration

  • Counteract the effects of harmful EMF's

We love working with clients from all walks of life who all share the common goal of bettering their mind, body, and soul. Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental fitness, Cosmic Awareness Healing Center provides the resources to do so in a healing and friendly environment. Learn more about us by getting in touch with our center today.  

Our Services

Reiki or Coaching by Terri Malek

Terri Malek is a Self-Actualization Coaching Mentor, Master Energy Therapist/Educator, Shamanic Guide, Transformational Consultant & Speaker.  Her guidance is offered through a sacred energy container for her clients to dive deep into themselves, beyond their conscious awareness, into their sub-conscious and unconscious, into societal programming, and into their very DNA.  The result is the emergence of emancipation of their true Soul Self and Source Self.  

Services Offered

  • Signature Self Mastery - 2024

  • Quantum Akasha

  • Two Guided Healing Meditation Experiences

  • Ocean of Holy Love Experience

Pleas visit   for pricing, appointments and more information

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"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"



Come and join us in our Relaxing EE System Bio Scalar Center.  

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